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chalion_ibra's Journal

The Fivefold Pathway of the Soul

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Fan community for Lois McMaster Bujold's Chalion-verse
chalion_ibra is a fan community dedicated to Lois McMaster Bujold's ‘Chalion’ series; The Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls and The Hallowed Hunt.
We are a friendly community of writers, artists and readers who love the Chalion-verse and like to participate in creative challenges and discussions. If this sounds like your thing then please join in!

What if I haven’t read all or any of the books yet? Can I still join the community?
Sure, we love to indoctrinate new fans ;) We have read-a-longs from time to time, which can be a great way to get started.


Like any community we have a number of rules designed to ensure this remains a fun and friendly place. Becoming a chalion_ibra member or watcher means agreeing to our rules. The mods reserve the right to change these rules when required, any change will be communicated to members via a mod post to the community. Events will have their own specific rules and these will be made clear in event announcements. If you are unclear on any of the rules or want to query them please contact the mods at the page-a-mod post or via email at chalionibra@gmail.com

1. All members should be over the age of 13. Whilst we expect all work to be rated, there may be work submitted that is not suitable for those under 13. We trust that readers will not view material if they are under the age rating specified and take no responsibility for the content viewed by underage readers.

2. We expect all members to be civil and polite to each other. Debate is healthy and encouraged but we will not tolerate rudeness or insults. Any inappropriate posts will be deleted by the mods and persistent offenders will be banned.

3. While we accept submissions of any rating, those of a NC-17 rating or with strong themes will be accepted entirely at the discretion of the mods and warnings for content must be clearly marked in the headings. The mods reserve the right to review all submissions for appropriateness. If you are unsure of the rating or the appropriateness of your work for this community please contact the mods.

4. We will not tolerate plagiarism. If it is discovered that work submitted to chalion_ibra is the work of another author or artist it will be deleted from the community. The mods reserve the right to consider the banning of any member who is found to have plagiarised.

5. This is not a place to post recommendations or to pimp your own Chalion-related work there are other communities for that (bujold_fic is one of them). We only accept work submitted for one of our events. However, in our introductions post for new members you can link us to your favourite piece of Chalion fic or art, whether it’s by yourself or someone else.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the page-a-mod post.

Any ideas for discussion topics or events please leave them in the suggestion box.

Or you can contact the mods by email at chalionibra@gmail.com.


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